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Uttarakhand Elections Results 2017 – Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Cunav Result 2017, Opinion Polls, Exit Polls

Uttarakhand  Elections Results 2017: Since the announcement of Uttarakhand  Elections 2017, making bustling among the Political Parties in our country. The Uttarakhand  state elections held Single Phase and polling held on 15th Feb 2017 from early in the morning. Uttarakhand  Election votes counting will complete on 11th March 2017, and the results will release on 15th of March 2017, so the date of completion of Uttarakhand  Elections 2017 Result is 15th March 2017.

The elections held in Uttarakhand  peacefully with proper arrangements by the election commission. There were hardly any complications occurred in the voting. The population of voter’s turnout was unexpected, and storming polling reported from early in the morning. The voting ended in an evening at 5 PM and at that time 68 percent votes accounted. Due to some procedure malfunctions, polling will again conduct by the election commission for one polling booth.

Uttarakhand  Elections Result 2017

In Uttarakhand, Congress is the ruling Party at present.  According to the sources, Congress often paralleled with corruption and by this BJP got most credit in the polling as now BJP considered as decision taking the party. Even though many times BJP shows ungratefulness. In Uttarakhand, voting is done for 70 Vidhan Sabha seats. The whole voting process was completed in one day i.e. 15th Feb 2017. The votes will be counted on the 11th March 2017. On the day of counting, we will get the name of new ruling party in Uttarakhand state.

Uttarakhand  Election Opinion Poll results

Scheduled Assembly elections held in Uttarakhand  in single phase on February 15, 2017. The Political parties participated was BJP, Congress and BSP. As per the results of Opinion Polls organized by various political parties, This time, BJP may win the battle of Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Chunav 2017.

Uttarakhand  Assembly Elections Result 2017

As we know, the Uttarakhand  Election 2017 conducts in Single Phases on 15th Feb 2017, and the Uttarakhand  Election 2017 results will declare on 11th March 2017. The Uttarakhand  Election Exit Poll Results will release before the releasing the actual results. We will update the Uttarakhand  Elections Exit poll results in 2017 as it releases. Click on the link give below for more result updates.

Uttarakhand Election Results

The Uttarakhand  Election results 2017 will declare on 15th March 2017 after the counting of the votes. The date decided is Saturday, 11th March 2017. After the counting of votes, The Uttarakhand  Election Completion is Wednesday, 15th March 2017. It means the Uttarakhand  State Election results will out on 15th March. Let’s see which party will win the Uttarakhand  Elections 2017 and come in power in the state of Uttarakhand .

Manipur Elections Result 2017

The voting for Vidhan Sabha Seats in Manipur state has been condcuted on 4th and 8th March 2017. The Manipur Elections were organized in two phases i.e. 4th March 2017(Phase 1) and 8th March 2017(Phase 2). The voting was done for 60 Vidhan Sabha Seats. The counting of voting will be done on 11th March 2017. Let see who will be the winner of Manipur Assembly Elections 2017. For more details related to “Manipur Vidhan Sabha Elections Result 2017, use the link provided below:

Manipur Elections Result

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